Hard times, Writing and poetry

Hard times

Hard times,
empty cupboards,
starving bellies,
and food cupboards on the mind,
distracted depressed faces,
frustrated people with angry rages,
hard times,
and not many saviours,
and countless tears,
and hunger pains,
and people unable to survive on their wages,
yes, hard times,
and the use of food banks rising higher and higher,
and people pushed to their limits,
and crime rising high,
and how terrible it is that so many people suffer,
and starve,
and yet so many people at such humiliation and degradation do not even blink an eye,
and what is worse,
because of poverty and starvation,
how many people die,
and society it blindly stumbles on,
making the same mistakes,
and barely seems to be able to organise a solution to hunger and poverty,
yet, more people every day ignore those in poverty and those who are starving,
and the situation it gets worse every day,
and nothing improves,
and people commit suicide,
and countless families cry,
why, oh why,
oh, why,
oh, why,
cannot we organise more efficiently,
now, I wish I knew,
but it is a sad state of affairs,
a sign of the times,
and humanity has lost its way far too frequently,
and by not solving the problems we keep digging a hole with which to bury ourselves in that gets bigger every day.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

Hard times,empty cupboards,starving bellies,and food cupboards on the mind,distracted depressed faces,frustrated people with angry rages,hard times,and not many saviours,and countless tears,and hunger pains,and people unable to survive on their wages,yes, hard times,and the use of food banks rising higher and higher,and people pushed to their limits,and crime rising high,and how terrible it is that so…

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