I write regarding the problems of the world, especially gun control.

As seen with the incredibly beautiful Amanda Gorman poem at the innaugaration, it shows how powerfully words can stir the heart and inspire the mind.

The problems of the world including famine and drought and poverty, are not solved because of poor illogical ways of thinking and bureaucracy. People suffer and die far too often because of them. And also, in America because of the right to bear arms.

The inmovability of the United States (USA) American people on the gun control situation is because of words, the American people cling to the right to bear arms, yet the word militia used by many definitions means:

To raise a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency. Oxford dictionaries.

Militia is part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency. Merriam Webster.

A military force whose members are trained soldiers but who often have other jobs. A military force whose members are trained soldiers but who often have other jobs. Cambridge dictionary.

The eradication of guns from the United States of America (USA) is being hampered by the lobbying in the United States Congress, power and influence, and the continual referral to the right to bear arms compounds the situation.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

The security of a free state, of all free states is hampered by the right to bear arms, it increases violence, this would not be case if there were no guns. You would not have the same number of deaths as you do with the right to bear arms. There are many countries around the world who do not have a right to bear arms and deaths are far lower.

This proves how important education is, education in language, and also emotional education. Emotional education and compassion, despite all the religious moral teaching of the world in all the major religions, is not being taught well enough, and also empathy. The lack of empathy and compassion is lacking, materialism far outweighs empathy and compassion. The materialism of the gun companies and their greed exacerbates the numbers of deaths.

In the USA there is a continual process of a shooting, a mass shooting, a protest and then an outpouring of grief, and nothing is learned, because the same cycle happens again and again, and nothing changes. The majority of crime is caused because of gang warfare, and drug dealing, robbery and violence. Gangs in poor neighbourhoods bring fear, the wealthy in wealthy neighbourhoods are targetted because of poverty and the mentality that it is easy to get rich quick by robbing them.

To combat violence, fighting homelessness and drug dealing, and poverty are a good place to start.

And also a greater coverage and an increased usage of drones in poor neighbourhoods would be a more effective deterrent, this would drive drug dealing indoors, streams of regular visitors are easily noticeable, compared to social guests.

To increase the awareness of how devastating the effects of gun crime and violence and crime are in American society, if there were billboards up and down the main streets of city and towns in the USA, then people of all ages would be educated as to the true horrors of violence and crime.

Am increase in education, compassion, empathy and love, will lead to the eradication of poverty, and to a decrease in violence.

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