Did you dance in the grave when you were liberated from life,
did you celebrate being at one with the Earth that created you in the first place,
did you feel saved,
did you feel saved without the worries of the days,
were you tormented by the things you had not done,
were you numb and weary and set in that state in a permanent way,
or were you cheerful and were you dead,
and were you dead back in the Earth
going from one living organism to a larger one,
a more omnipotent and a more powerful one,
more powerful than a single human being,
a human being that previously you had been born as,
and that you had departed and separated from,
and what is life when you are dead and what is life when you are alive,
because you are being continually born and dying at the same time,
but our sentience,
our sentience when we are dead does it live on?
And do you think more than you used to?
And with more sentience than before,
are you enlightened and do you talk to the universe,
do you talk of the state of the world,
and do you feel the pain and the horrors of the world,
or are you comfortably,
comfortably numb?

Thanks to Lucas Van Oort for the use of the picture which is available on Unsplash.

I hope you enjoyed this poem, there is more poetry and articles and writing to be found on writing and poetry. Thank you for reading, feedback is most welcome, thank you!

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