she said,
whilst smiling,
and talking of the word of God,
yes, every word,
every little thing,
yes, it is a wonderful thing,
it is truly a wonderful thing,
and down the Church every day I sing,
I sing to God,
because he knows me through and through,
and he sees all of me,
and he guides me through,
through the good times and the bad and the happy and the sad,
yes, there is nothing that God cannot do,
now can I interest you,
can I interest you,
if so please, have this Bible,
and make up your own mind,
yes, it is all true,
and I see her smile and she is genuine and kind,
and I,
I take it,
and I will read it,
because you cannot understand,
and until you do,
you should not criticise religions,
when you have not learned of it,
or only learned of it by others points of view,
so, I take it with a smile on my face,
and I will consider it with an open minded view,
and she walks away and says God bless you,
and she is genuine,
and heartfelt,
and it is my duty to consider it with an unbiased view.

Thank you for reading my poem gospel. More poetry and writing by me is available on this site.

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