Good evening moon

Good evening moon,
I see you,
I see you and how you glow so beautifully in the black of night,
I see you,
and you fill me with wonder and delight,
and I wonder,
how do you stay up there all the time,
hanging so beautifully in the heavens as you do,
not meaning to be rude,
but with all that weight,
the weight of a planet,
the gravity that keeps you,
what a work of magic it is,
and how beguiling,
and how tranquil it is when I look up at you,
and I wonder if many years ago,
there were any living beings upon you,
yes, it is a quandary,
a ponderance,
and how beautiful it is to relax here and think of you,
with you shining at me as you do,
yes, good evening moon,
good evening to you,
and thank you for enlightening me as you do,
oh, how I wonder you,
how I wonder you.

Thanks to Pedro Lasta for the use of the photo which is available on Unsplash.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

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