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Give me a call

Yes, let me know a time,
because this time zone,
it really takes some getting used to,
now we are far away from each other,
on opposite sides of the world,
and I miss you I truly do,
like you miss me too,
so, please give me a call,
and tell me that you’ve missed me,
and I’ll you blow you a kiss down the telephone,
and I’ll tell you that I’ve missed you too,
because you know I do not like to be alone,
but time is my enemy,
and it is worse when I am lonely,
and here I will wait for time,
but it does not fly as fast as it should though,
because time it passes far too slow,
yes, oh, how it drags
how it drags,
and it feels like it will never go,
as I count down the hours,
the hours until you call me on the telephone,
oh, what it is to be alone,
when you are in another time zone,
and the one you love is so far away,
and your heart does so bemoan,
bemoan the loneliness,
but how the heart grows fonder with absence,
but love down the telephone it is not the same,
never the same at all,
and here I wait in solitude,
for the second hand to fall,
and for the hours to pass,
and for you to call,
and for our lonely hearts to meet once more,
across the sea and oceans finally,
and what a relief it will be,
because this time apart is killing me,
and I cannot wait to hear your voice,
and tell you that I love you,
and you me,
and our feelings flood out of us like a river,
feelings that are as magical and as beautiful as can be,
oh, time,
how I wish you would hurry,
because my true love is waiting for me,
on the telephone line,
but sadly time does not understand my urgency.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

Yes, let me know a time,because this time zone,it really takes some getting used to,now we are far away from each other,on opposite sides of the world,and I miss you I truly do,like you miss me too,so, please give me a call,and tell me that you’ve missed me,and I’ll you blow you a kiss down…

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