the sun it rises,
and it shines upon me,
the sun it rises,
and it clears the grey away,
the grey that for days has bothered me,
yes, finally the sun it rises,
and I no longer feel dismayed,
and yes,
what great wonders can I achieve today,
because the sun to me is like a burning flame,
that mesmerises me and that beguiles me,
and inspires me,
and that enlightens my brain,
and I,
I am filled with creativity,
and how magnificent I feel,
as the sunlight comes through the window,
and lights my face,
oh, what inspirational things may pop into my mind,
I do not know,
but there is no race,
and I will slumber here for a while in style,
and time will not matter for a while,
and wasting time is not a disgrace,
but it encourages my mind,
and sharpens my mental state,
and after a while,
I will be ready to have breakfast,
and contemplate the meaning of life,
a wife,
art and music,
and whatever inspires my brain,
as I sit in my wooden chair,
and the sunlight casts its golden glow upon me,
and I drink my orange and sit infront of a blank page,
and I consider what should I write or draw today or paint,
because what better a thing could there be,
what better a thing than creativity,
because how good it is for the soul,
and the heart and the mind,
and what better a time to create and to be inspired than here and now,
here and now,
in the glorious sunshine.

This poetry was written in Dorset, and is part of my Dorset poetry collection of work.

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