In the distance,
but not too distant,
wonderful and magical,
a large rock in the sea,
as interesting as can be,
jutting out of the waves,
a place to swim to be free,
free of the crowded beach,
a place that not many can reach,
but I swim to it,
through the waves,
that are not too great,
as the sun it shines down,
and upon reaching it,
what great pleasure comes to me,
as I stare out to sea,
and I relax and I enjoy the view,
as the seagulls fly high across the sky,
and I draw my breathe,
and I sun myself in the sunlight,
in the sea air,
and I lay down as happy as can be,
and it is always worth the effort to reach there,
a place where I find calm,
and a magical place where the troubles of the world do not bother me.

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