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Every time

Every time,
when I am alone,
and feeling lost,
and every time I close my eyes,
I imagine the scent of you,
and I picture you,
in your favourite blue dress,
dressed to impress,
and my heart it aches,
that you are no longer here,
because you left this world too soon,
you left this world too soon,
and how I cry when I,
when I think of you,
yes, every time,
every time that I am alone,
I feel happy and sad,
and I feel mad,
and I remember the good times that we had,
and then, the loss of you,
it overwhelms me,
and it pains me,
and my tears how freely they flow and roll down my cheek,
and I feel so lost and weak,
weak without you,
without you my love so true,
and how I wish that you were not gone,
because you were taken too early from me,
and at the world I curse because it was so wrong,
and it is a sad memory,
the memory of you departing that I wish I could erase from my memory,
and oh, how I wish that it wasn’t true,
the loss of you,
but sadly it is the reality,
and I close my eyes,
and I think of you and I feel happy and sad,
and mad and blue,
blue about the loss of you,
but what can I do except look at your picture and at the videos of you,
and close my eyes and think of you in better times,
oh, the conflicting memories of you,
my love so true.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

Every time,when I am alone,and feeling lost,and every time I close my eyes,I imagine the scent of you,and I picture you,in your favourite blue dress,dressed to impress,and my heart it aches,that you are no longer here,because you left this world too soon,you left this world too soon,and how I cry when I,when I think of…

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