Every time,
every time there is a heart break,
and your heart has been torn apart by a hurricane,
and inside you feel all the seasons of which you complain,
the continual snow and the continual rain,
fill your head with light and good,
and empty your heart through time and the distractions of activities,
that numb the pain,
that numb the terrible pain that ravages you in the days and the months after a breakup,
and cast away the darkness,
and refuse the moods of the bitter seasons of lonely thoughts and dark reflections,
that pounce upon you like vultures,
ready to send you into despair,
and an early grave,
and do not complain,
yes, do not complain too much,
because it will happen again and again and again,
and wherever you go,
and no matter what heartbreak will linger in you for a while,
so, put it to shame,
put it to shame,
and walk in the light,
and fill your mind with humour,
and try not to reflect too much on that which you cannot change.

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