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In the evening light

In the evening light,
oh, what glorious sun,
and what a delicate beautiful aroma in the evening light,
as I smell the flowers in the garden,
and their perfume it reminds me of you,
and I sit for a moment or two,
and I smile to myself,
and I toast your health,
and the birds they sing,
and how gloriously they do,
how gloriously they do,
and how beautifully you do too,
and I think to myself,
how wonderfull the melodies of the songs that you sing,
and how magical they are to me,
and I remember when you stood before me last time singing to me so beautifully,
a tune that you had written,
and that had me smitten,
oh, how my heart it melted as I listened to you,
and the beauty of your voice,
it soothed me through and through,
and I drifted away,
to a tropical place when you sang to me,
and when you sang,
I pictured a tropical island in an ocean so blue,
and I fell into your eyes,
and you had me mesmerised,
and everytime, how beautiful you look,
as you,
you with your piercing blues,
that captivated me so wonderfully as you sang to me,
and everytime you sing to me and you look at me,
I fall deeper in love with you,
and here in the garden amongst the flowers,
I cannot wait for you to return and to talk to you for hours,
and for us to hold each other close once more,
and to watch the glorious sunset with you,
and to watch the meteors flying across the heavens,
as the stars and the moon they shine down upon us,
and I revel in your company,
and I revel in the effervescent beauty of you,
and the evening with you is always a magical thing,
and what a wonder is our love,
and how lucky we are,
to find each other,
as we did,
and how thankful for you I am,
because, without you,
without you what would I do?

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

In the evening light,oh, what glorious sun,and what a delicate beautiful aroma in the evening light,as I smell the flowers in the garden,and their perfume it reminds me of you,and I sit for a moment or two,and I smile to myself,and I toast your health,and the birds they sing,and how gloriously they do,how gloriously they…

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