Drawn to the light,
drawn to the light,
and dusty old bookshelves,
and an empty chair,
shadows across the room,
here and there and everywhere,
and must in the air,
and silence,
and despair,
and wallpaper peeling off the walls,
and photographs in a frame,
a little faded,
and a man in a hat with a cat,
looking debonair,
an empty place,
a haunted place,
an eerie place with cobwebs everywhere,
a home once,
but now a home to nowhere,
going nowhere,
but falling apart at the seams,
and into the Earth,
oh, what memories must have been had there,
oh, what memories must have been had there.

Thank you for reading my poem drawn to the light, more poetry and writing by me is available on this website.

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