Dorset is the county where I was born and it is a beautiful place, a place filled with glorious countryside, and it has a beautiful coastline. It is a place filled with great inspiration, and a place well known for its writers and poets and political activism.

I especially love the coast, the coast in Dorset, the county I was born in has some beautiful coastline and they call it the Jurassic coast. The Jurassic coastal cliffs are filled the with fossils of dinosaurs, and frequently, the cliffs collapse revealing fossils which have previously been buried. The cliffs of Dorset are very beautiful to look at but, they are very dangerous, and prone to continual collapses. Many people, including locals, and especially holidaymakers, who are with their families, make the mistake of walking right along the cliff edge, this is incredibly foolish. And as thrilling as it may be to walk right next to the cliff, the cliffs of Dorset are prone to continual collapse, and could cause you to lose your life. Walking along right beside the cliffs, is incredibly foolish and very dangerous, so please take this as just a friendly word of advice, from someone who was born at the coast. 

My favourite beaches in Dorset, are at Durdle door, Lyme Regis and Weymouth, and there is a great amount of sand at the main beach, and there are other beautiful beaches at Weymouth, which also include pebble beaches.

In Dorset there are some stunning walks along the bridle paths and through the countryside. Dorset has some beautiful rivers and streams that cross the fields, and that meander through the woodland, and there is nothing better than sitting by a river in the sunshine with something to drink and a picnic, and with your friends, and if you are alone, with a book.

Dorset is well known for its writers and its poets especially Thomas Hardy, Thomas Hardy set his famous novel The Mayor of Casterbridge in Dorchester, which is the county town of Dorset. Thomas Hardy’s last house Max Gate is a popular tourist destination. Other well known poets include William Barnes, who was born in Bagber, near Sturminster Newton, William Barnes was an English polymath, writer, poet, philologist, priest, mathematician, engraving artist and inventor. He wrote over 800 poems, including Linden Lea.

Other writers who have lived here including JRR Tolkien, Jane Austen, Mary Anning, Beatrix Potter, and Enid Blyton.

One of Dorset’s more famous residents was Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys, the ‘hanging judge’. Judge Jeffreys lived at 6 High Street West, Dorchester, Dorset, where he held his ‘bloody assizes’ in 1685 during which 74 people were executed. The bloody assizes came about aftermath of the battle of Sedgemoor, which ended the Monmouth rebellion in England.

The famous explorer and buccaneer Sir Walter Raleigh lived at Sherborne Castle in North Dorset. He explored America, brought back potatoes and tobacco to Britain. He eventually fell out with the Queen and was sent to the Tower of London, and was later beheaded for treason by James I.

And finally, on famous residents, Lawrence of Arabia (Colonel Edward Thomas) lived in Dorset until he was sadly killed in a tragic motorbike accident near Bovington, Dorset. T.E Lawrence as he was also known was a British archaeologist, an army officer, a diplomat, and a writer, who became well known for his role in the Arab revolt that lasted from 1916 to 1918. Lawrence of Arabia’s grave lies in the Churchyard at Moreton cemetery, Dorset.

Dorset is well known for its creative industries, including literature, and the arts, and theatre. The town of Bridport, is probably the most famous town for the arts, and it has a fantastic Art Deco cinema, a great art centre, the Bridport Arts center which host many exhibitions of paintings, classical music events, and pottery exhibitions and much more. Bridport also has theatre, which holds stage plays and many other events. The Art Deco electric palace holds stage plays, live bands, screenings of Shakespeare and other plays. Bridport is also well known for its numerous bands and its live music events which it holds on a regular basis, including at Bucky doo square, and at the many wonderful pubs, including the Hope and anchor, and the Ropemaker’s, and also at many more of the towns pubs. Dorset overall has a thriving art scene, a thriving music scene, a thriving literary scene, and Dorset is well worth a visit for all of those and for the glorious countryside and coast.

The trade union movement was born in Dorset. The Tolpuddle Martyrs were all farm labourers who decided to set up a union in Tolpuddle to give them bargaining powers to curb their impoverished conditions. The museum website can be found below:

The martyrs are commemorated each summer at a special festival in Tolpuddle which attracts trade unionists from around the world.

And finally…

My poetry has been mostly written in Dorset, and I now have thirty books of original poetry, Twenty five of which are now available to buy to download from this website. I have written over 2000 poems and am still writing more. My first poetry book, Alas the day is now available to buy in traditional format on Amazon, please see the link below:

I am currently beginning to write eight novels, and I hope to write most of these whilst out exploring.

I hope you enjoy my writing and my poetry, and I highly recommend a visit to beautiful Dorset!

More of my writing and articles and poetry can be found on this website in my blog.

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