Don’t go out I say,
no, don’t go out,
there is lightning in the sky,
and thunder all about,
and the lightning it struck a house,
and there is a roof on fire,
and the rain drops,
they will not stop,
and the hurricane it is blowing through,
and the winds are over a hundred miles an hour,
and outside barely anyone could hear you shout,
and no one would probably be able to save you,
if the hurricane took you,
and you probably would be blown over the roof of the house,
no, don’t go out,
don’t go out,
but let us get some beer,
and let us watch the lightning and listen to the thunder from here,
and pray that we survive,
and that the roof will stay on tight,
and let us pray that we will still be here in the morning light,
and let us watch the lightning and the thunder,
as it tears the sky asunder,
and let us drink beer until the hurricane is gone,
and the people of the neighbourhood have got over the fright,
and they are out to see what damage has been caused by the hurricanes might,
and look,
another great lightning bolt,
and how beautiful it looks, do you agree,
but oh, the ferocity I say as the thunder rumbles across the sky,
and oh, what a view I say,
as the lightning it illimunates the sky and the buildings,
and we gasp and sigh,
and we wonder at the power of nature,
that can so quickly devestate peoples lives.

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