yes that is me,
it is true, that the meaning of life,
is nothing more than an empty thing if you look at it closely,
and it is a meaningless thing,
despite the false realities that we are fed,
and the inbetween,
the inbetween birth and death,
it, has not much importance at all,
it is true,
the body only wants you,
to replicate, and to eat and to drink and to grow,
and to take up the most space and to survive,
because a virus we are,
and nothing more,
and nothing less,
and yet,
although we think we have a purpose,
about what we achieve in life,
death does not care when it comes for you,
so, should we for life care as much as we do,
no, not really,
if you think about it cynically,
because we destroy so much and cause so much suffering,
but we panic and conjure up strange fantasies,
and we want to believe,
we want to believe that life has more meaning than it actually does do,
and we mostly live safe lives and we struggle to survive the stress that we humanity create,
and for no reason at all it is true.
me, that is true.
the simple explanation,
that lifes function is but a small part of life,
and life mostly,
life mostly is an empty meaningless hell.

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