Coins upon the table, Writing and poetry

Coins upon the table

In a dictatorship far away,
in a humble home,
there are coins upon the table,
small change,
a sign of the economy,
a sign of distress,
a time with barely any food in the cupboard,
and in the news a political mess,
a political mess,
a time of economic crisis,
a time of poor ideas,
a time of poverty,
a time of starvation,
a time of fear,
in a dictatorship far away,
countless people,
good people, they, are enslaved by a despot,
and are upon the verge of a famine,
poor people, kind people,
fearful people,
who are suffering hardships every day,
and who are in a terrible state,
and what a terrible way,
what a terrible way to live,
and this suffering how tempting for many it is,
the assasination of a dictator,
who tortures and who inflicts upon his countrymen,
such violence, through which no one should live,
but it is what is,
and I wonder how long it will be,
before the dictators blood is shed in the streets,
by his countrymen who are truly unhappy,
because when we look at human history,
more often than not,
this is often how it ends is it not,
the assasination of a dictator who has caused great suffering to his or her people,
and great humiliation,
and degradation,
and this surely,
and much earlier when dictators come to power,
much sooner they should be stopped,
should they not?

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

In a dictatorship far away,in a humble home,there are coins upon the table,small change,a sign of the economy,a sign of distress,a time with barely any food in the cupboard,and in the news a political mess,a political mess,a time of economic crisis,a time of poor ideas,a time of poverty,a time of starvation,a time of fear,in a…

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