Coffee cup,
upon the wall,
roses growing up it,
so beautifully red and tall,
as you stand before them,
so slender and elegant and beautiful,
you in your white dress,
with your hair a styled mess,
and your laughter so captivating,
and beguiling,
and with your big heart so filled with love for me,
yes, your love how wonderful it is,
your love that makes me feel so proud and walk so tall,
and the sun it highlights all your best features,
and you are as delicate as a rose petal,
and as soft and gentle,
and what a sensation it is when into my arms you do fall,
and here in front of the roses,
you lean into me and kiss me so gently,
and the scent of the roses,
it is beautiful,
but not as beautiful as you,
and in your arms I melt,
and those words that you whisper to me,
are so heartfelt,
and true,
that is like falling in love anew,
oh, those words,
those words that you whisper to me,
I love you,
I love you,
oh, how magical and wonderful,
and how beautifully you say them to me,
as you kiss my neck,
and my lips,
as we stand infront of the roses,
and the coffee cup on the wall,
as we stand there as happy as can be,
and so in love,
with smiles on our faces,
and with our hearts of love so full.

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