in my mind and in my heart,
I wander alone,
and I am empty of all that I knew,
and I have no wish to know anything about anyone new,
no, no wish to know anything at all,
because you drove me crazy,
and my heart it has never recovered,
and my mind,
it feels numb,
it feels numb because of you,
and I wander cloudlike,
wherever I go,
and with the all the tears gone,
and with feelings inside of the cold winter snows,
I wish for warmth,
but heartbreak is harder to throw off than you know,
and wherever I go,
I am glad to be alone,
and much better for it,
and soon I know,
the sadness will go,
but until then, I will wander like a cloud,
upon the many roads of life,
and I will take from my heart,
from my heart this knife,
this knife that you thrust into me with your verbal barbarities,
that I could not stand whenever we disagreed,
and I am glad we parted,
and despite the good times that we had,
and despite the sadness that is hard to shift,
I am happy for life,
and happy to have a life without love,
because it makes me happier than the times I have had with it.

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