Chasing ideas, Writing and poetry

Chasing ideas

Whether sat at a desk,
or sat on the sofa at home,
alone with no distractions,
chasing fleeting ideas through the mind,
those rare ideas that hardly come at all,
those jewels of the imagination,
shining inside you like a glorious sun,
filling you with excitement,
those magnificent ideas,
that could change your life,
ideas that could change the world,
ideas as powerful as they come,
ideas that are sometimes fully formed,
and sometimes not,
ideas that are exciting and inspiring,
and hot, hot, hot,
wonderful ideas that come from out of nowhere,
wonderful ideas that could revolutionise the world,
or improve your life,
improve it alot.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

Whether sat at a desk,or sat on the sofa at home,alone with no distractions,chasing fleeting ideas through the mind,those rare ideas that hardly come at all,those jewels of the imagination,shining inside you like a glorious sun,filling you with excitement,those magnificent ideas,that could change your life,ideas that could change the world,ideas as powerful as they come,ideas…

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