climbing the walls,
looking outside,
watching the snow fall,
watching the stars shine bright,
watching the moon glow,
and snowed in,
snowed in,
oh, the beauty and the wonder of it all,
the crisp white,
under the black of the night,
staring out of boredom but finding some delight,
in nature outside,
but looking for something to fill my time,
with the telly gone wrong,
there’s not much fun with no one home,
but soon I will forget it all with a bottle of rum,
and I’ll soon forget the setting of the sun,
and the snowflakes that are blocking me in from which I am hiding,
as I stand inside climbing the walls,
and about to get drunk and forget the boredom and the wonder of it all,
the wonder that has cut me off from my friends,
the white apocalypse of which I salute,
as I sit by the fireside,
whilst toasting it ironically with a glass of rum.

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