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sunshine and lemonade,
sat amongst the flowers,
whiling away the hours,
and dreaming the day away,
dreaming of you running towards me with a smile upon your face,
as your hair it blows in the breeze,
and you run to kiss me,
oh, what a thought,
oh, what a vision inside my mind,
and it has been far too long,
since you have been gone,
well, a few weeks, anyway,
but, how my heart it misses you,
and how quickly my heart it aches,
whenever we are apart,
and whenever we are apart,
it is like the sun has vanished and gone,
and I love you more each day,
and how it makes me realise,
how precious time is,
and avidly, I count the hours until your return,
as I sit under the sky so blue,
in the sunshine,
drinking wine,
and dreaming of you,
oh, my heart how it calls out for you,
when we are apart,
and how glorious it will be,
for you to be in my arms once more,
and to have your arms wrapped around me,
and your kisses raining down upon me so tenderly and gently,
and your beautiful eyes sparkling before me in the sunshine,
oh, what a day,
dreaming it away,
glad to have the love of you,
glad to have the thought of you in my mind,
as it ticks and it tocks away,
far more slowly than it should do,
but here I am,
thrilled at you coming home from all those miles away,
yes, here I am,
a lucky man,
lucky, to have your love,
lucky to have you in my life,
and soon, my love,
I will propose,
and ask you to be my wife,
and what a thought that is,
and that will keep me going through the lonely days and the nights until you arrive,
for you to me, are like the sun,
the moon,
and the stars,
and as glorious as the sunrise,
and when I stand before you,
I see heaven in your eyes.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

Beauty,wilderness,shade,sunshine and lemonade,sat amongst the flowers,whiling away the hours,and dreaming the day away,dreaming of you running towards me with a smile upon your face,as your hair it blows in the breeze,and you run to kiss me,oh, what a thought,oh, what a vision inside my mind,and it has been far too long,since you have been gone,well,…

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