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Another life

Another life,
another time,
another feeling,
an empty place,
with you in a distant space,
seperated from me by miles and time,
yes, another life,
with you looking so fine,
down the end of a telephone line,
another life,
wishing I was with you,
but sadly I am not,
and I lost you,
because of my own stupidity,
but we are talking at least,
we are talking at least and being polite,
despite the past,
despite our past fights,
and you are civil to me although you have no reason to be,
and our broken hearts are mended now,
and we chat away like we used to do,
and I wish that we could be together again,
but I know it is unlikely,
but anyhow,
but anyhow,
here we are now,
talking although our love went wrong,
and still after several years,
my heart it misses you,
and I,
I feel without you like I am a bird,
a bird without a song,
without a song to sing,
and I see your face on the video call,
and how beautiful you look,
and when I see you again my heart is shook,
shook to the core,
because I realise what you meant to me,
and maybe it wasn’t meant to be,
but for a while we were good,
and I wish we could be together again,
and when you look at me and smile at me,
and chat so pleasantly,
my heart it leaps,
and I get the notion that maybe there is hope for us,
hope for us after all,
and when you end the call,
I am left wondering if it is possible,
if it is possible that we could be together again and happy,
and I promise you that I would try harder than before,
because all love I think should be given a second chance,
and after talking to you I always want more,
but do you?
I am not sure,
oh, the mind,
how often it is tricked by the heart,
and how often love is denied,
how often love is denied,
but maybe I will ask you again,
if we can be more than friends,
and I am nervous,
but we shall see,
we shall see I am sure.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

Another life,another time,another feeling,an empty place,with you in a distant space,seperated from me by miles and time,yes, another life,with you looking so fine,down the end of a telephone line,another life,wishing I was with you,but sadly I am not,and I lost you,because of my own stupidity,but we are talking at least,we are talking at least and…

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