Aimlessly I wander,
I wander where I don’t know,
pondering my heart,
with a million thoughts going through my mind as I wander alone,
and in a quiet mood I wander,
happy for solitude,
and far from home,
far from home,
and how comforting is anonymity,
because my old love,
she stirred up a hornets nest back home,
and I was not to blame,
but she had no shame,
and blamed me for the relationship breakdown,
and it wasn’t true, but,
she told everyone that she knew,
and I was a pariah,
and my home was no longer a happy home,
and the town that I lived in,
every time I walked down the street and I saw friends of hers,
the atmosphere, you could cut with a knife,
and I felt like I was trapped in ice,
and sadly, I had to leave for my own sanity,
and she, she continually bemoaned me,
and now, here I am,
a broken man looking for peace,
and looking for release,
looking for release from the hell that she put me through,
and so far, for me, it is going well,
and though, I should not stoop as low as her,
she can go to hell,
she can to hell.

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