Ages of you,
pictures by the flowers,
sat there for hours,
thinking of you,
with my heart empty,
but not my mind of memories,
and me, me missing you,
missing you intensely,
although it had been a year, almost two,
the feelings had not died down.
And there was still sadness,
and tears,
as I drank whisky and beers,
and still powerful and strong was my love for you,
my love for you.
Oh, how weird it is to be alone,
alone upon my unhappy throne,
thinking of your kisses and your cuddles,
as my tears roll down my cheeks,
and my heart,
my heart it is still in pieces,
and I no longer without you feel at home,
yes, I no longer feel at home,
and there is only misery in my heart,
now, we are two worlds apart,
and I am lost without you,
and my soul is gone,
my soul is gone,
having disappeared from within me,
the minute you were gone,
and now, I feel more dead than alive,
more dead than alive upon my unhappy throne,
where I sit drunk and alone,
where I sit drunk and alone.

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