A steady heart,
a steady mind,
an eye on the time,
a sunset glow in the sky,
with a sigh,
as wispy clouds pass on by,
and the sun it lights my face as I smile,
and I blink,
arising at the dawn,
rejuvenated by the night,
and I rub the sleep dust from my eyes,
and I wake filled with the wonder of a new day,
and its surprise,
and how calm the sunlight in the morning makes me feel,
as I smell the roses in the vase,
and I gaze at the cobwebs and their intracicies upon the window sill,
and my heart,
my heart how it warms at the thrill,
the thrill of new possibilities,
and the new chances that may come my way,
and whatever the day holds,
I will enjoy it in nature,
where there is time out from modern life,
and time out to play,
and far away,
I will take time out upon the hill,
upon the hill to stand still and survey the skies,
and the beauty of the clouds,
all white and fluffy as God allows,
and I will watch the birds fly across the sky,
and in my mind picture them as I,
and me instead flying so elegantly upon high,
and for hours I will revel in the sight,
and in the tranquil thoughts that pass through my mind,
and the beautiful sights that reflect in my eyes,
and wonder at their magnificence and their many shapes and forms,
that lift up my heart as gloriously as the sunrise at dawn,
and in nature,
in nature I can never be forlorn,
even on the darkest days,
the sight of grey,
it does not make my heart mourn,
I revel in it,
even if the rain upon my walk it tries to make me quit,
I refuse,
and I will walk for hours no matter what it throws my way,
no, there will be no stopping me even on the darkest of days,
but sunny days are much better for me,
and across the fields down to the sea,
down to the sea I will walk,
truly happy in every way,
on a glorious sunny day if chance should fall my way,
and what could be better whatever the weather,
than the magic of nature that enthralls the senses so beautifully and so spectacularly in every way.

Thanks for reading my poem A steady heart, more writing and poetry by me Ben Robinson is available on this website, to read and to buy.

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