A moment,
as if in slow motion as you come into view,
and when you do,
I am always wary of you,
beautiful you,
broken you,
damaged you,
because In you,
there is anxiety,
and insanity,
and your cold heart it is ready to bring misery I see,
and you,
as you stand before me,
I see icy cold in your eyes,
and your heart it is as cold as the winter that I despise,
and I wonder what has made you so cold,
so cold inside,
because these days you are only filled with lies,
lies and bitterness,
and you have nothing with which to beguile,
and I,
I pity you but I should not do,
because what good does it do,
what good does it do?
And you,
what makes you so bitter,
what makes you so callous,
what fills you with such vitriol,
the vitriol that I have seen so many times,
the vitriol that you spew forth from your tongue,
when someone falls for you and love begins to grow in their eyes,
and here I stand,
and I ponder and I wonder you,
the changed person who I once knew,
the person who is a mystery before my eyes,
and as you stand before me,
I see your sadness,
I see the sadness in your eyes,
and there is a touch of sensitivity,
but you toughen up when you realise,
you realise that I am looking at you,
and you walk off ready to unleash your fury upon the world,
and I am glad as you pass on by,
and though I wish you no harm,
every time I see you,
you cause me alarm,
and I still feel for you,
and you are empty and lonely,
and unhappy as can be,
and it is a tragedy to see such misery,
and such unhappinness inside,
and I wonder what caused it,
and although I have compassion,
It is you who have to fix it,
not me,
and time how slowly it passes by waiting for the time,
the time that you change your life,
but I wish you well and I wish you happiness,
as I step aside and you pass on by,
someone who I used to know,
someone who I once cared for,
someone who now wallows in miseries mire,
unable to drag themselves up,
unable to rise,
unable to find contentment,
unable to lift yourself out of the darkness,
and with only a cold heart and with only bitterness on your mind,
how terrible it is to see you in such a state,
the woman that I love pass like the wintry wind as it howls so icily on by.

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