A little lost,
a little lost in the mist and the fog,
upon the grassy hill,
where time seemingly stops,
as I am stood by the foot of the trees,
under the soil,
there lays a box,
there lays a box,
a simple box,
with the hair of my lost love in a locket,
overlooking the sea,
where she drowned unhappily,
and found herself out of her depth,
and was caught in the waves,
and smashed upon the rocks,
smashed upon the rocks,
oh, my love how I miss thee,
how I miss thee,
because without you I am lost,
truly lost,
and all I have are your locks,
your locks to remember thee,
as I overlook the sea,
and my heart it is as broken as your body was upon the rocks,
upon the rocks,
and alas my love who is lost forevermore,
oh, such tragedy and misery,
and tears in my eyes,
and how I cry,
because all I have is the memories of you and your locks,
your locks in a box,
and visions of you helpless and drowning in the sea,
and smashing against the rocks,
smashing against the rocks.

Thank you for reading my poem lost, more writing and poetry is available on my website.

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