A Dark night,
as those with money,
those with money are out in the hot summer night,
and drunks lay in the gutter,
as a vicar walks on by down the street,
and his wife,
she heads upstairs holding a candle burning bright,
a candle burning bright,
as people shout and scream down the street,
and broken bottles lay in the gutter,
and the rubbish it blows on by,
the rubbish it blows on by,
and the alcoholics they stumble,
and friends fight, argue and cry,
and the moonlight it shines down so bright,
it shines down so bright,
and people revel In the freedom away from the working week,
and there are happy faces in many places,
and others in the darkened shadows,
they take drugs and get high,
they take drugs and get high,
and the rain it begins to fall,
and the sky it looks apocalyptic,
and it threatens to unleash its full fury and lightening upon and around one and all,
as someone with a grudge smashes a window nearby,
and a fox it sneaks down a sidestreet,
looking for food to eat,
and a man mugs another,
in the shadows where no one should go,
unless they have no sense at all,
no sense at all,
and here in the city, there is food for all,
but many suffer and starve,
oh, what a terrible world it is,
where there is such inequality,
and the rich,
the rich they barely care at all,
the rich they barely care at all,
and people die because of them,
and enjoy themselves,
whilst others they are helped into early graves by poor bureaucracy,
and the rich they mostly do not care,
and only care for their bank accounts,
and that is all,
that is all.

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