You infuriate me

You infuriate me,
I infuriate you,
yet, I try to hold my tongue,
but what good does it do,
for you cannot hold your tongue,
and your words they pour forth from your mouth as uneloquently as a corpse that lays rotting in the burning sun,
yes, you infuriate me,
and I infuriate you,
and though I have few words to say,
you pick on every one,
and you trigger off an explosion of such a size that to me it alway seems like a nuclear bomb,
oh, are we always to be sat in the fallout from your verbal bombacity,
I do not know,
but how I wish that you would see,
how I wish that you would see that eviscerating me,
eviscerating me is a relationship of invisibility,
and If you continue with your verbal barbarity I will soon be gone,
I will soon be permanently gone.

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