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a glass of wine, and then another in the evening time,
as I bemoan the loss of you,
an ex love of mine,
to a friend of mine,
and what a time to unwind,
with a good friend and patient company,
and I try not to cry,
I try not to cry,
but such is life,
and I wish I knew why,
I wish I knew why,
but love is a devil,
and it has bedeviled me far too many times,
and this is the end of time,
the ending of time for us,
but I wish I knew why,
and here I am alone with you,
bemoaning the loss of you to a friend of mine,
with a glass of wine,
oh, teardrops and wine,
and the aftermath of love,
the decimation of love,
the shattered heart,
a broken dream,
a thought that makes you want to scream,
oh, the pain that cuts you open,
as you reflect on what went down,
and here I sit,
with your patience,
as I go over the brutality of love,
the devilry that beguiles me so easily,
and that so easily breaks your mind,
with a much needed glass of wine.

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