whatever 2

whatever you feel,
I feel it too,
for we are in synchronicity me and you,
and as we stand together,
in troubled times,
under dark clouds and stormy skies,
life it eats at us,
as far too often we stand on the precipice wondering what of life,
what of life and of its cruelties,
what of life and of its terrible times,
as we hold each others hands,
and we look for the light,
and we try to keep the darkness from our minds,
no, not an easy thing in these troubled times,
not easy thing in these troubled times,
but together we try,
and brighter we are together,
as your heart it beats next to mine,
and we kiss in the wavering light,
upon the precipice amidst the difficulties of life,
how much better we are together you and I.

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