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There is no tomorrow – Writing and poetry



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There is no tomorrow

there is only yesterday,
and the broken hearted,
in a suicide of a nuclear age,
oh, what a tragedy,
billions of lives lost,
sacrificed because of the idiocy of the human race,
and the nuclear weapons and the arms race,
and the radiation across the planet,
oh, what a terrible place,
what a terrible place it would be,
devastated and destroyed and as horrific and as terrible as can be,
the madness of humanity,
destroyed in the insanity of an inferno like no one had ever seen,
and felt,
a terrible event,
world war,
and sadly we proliferate, and we stockpile and continue the madness,
and continue to head towards tragedy,
and I wonder what are the chances of the evolution of the human race,
or a similar race once again rising from the Earth,
not much chance at all probably,
and how sad it would be,
and how terrible it can be if we do not

eradicate nuclear

weapons and nuclear power from society,
oh, the madness,
oh, the pain and the suffering it would bring,
from the sickening explosions,
and the radiation decimating humanity from the face of the Earth permanently.

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