We are a great nation, we have a great nation, a beautiful nation, a nation blessed and filled with the wonder of natures creations, and a nation filled with such glorious greenery, a beautiful nation with lush green fields, beautiful woods and forests, streams, and lakes, and beaches and magnificent magical sceneries.

We are a great nation filled with great people, great people with great hearts and minds, we have a great nation filled with people with great intellect and wit, and skill, and humour, and we persevere and struggle and toil and sweat and fight for what we believe in, and we try to stay true to our ideals, and no matter what, we battle through thick and thin, and we never give in.
And we as a nation, we have great belief in ourselves, and we strive hard to achieve, and we work hard and we play hard, and we have self belief in our endeavours, and in our creativities, and in our efforts no matter what we set out to achieve, and we are kind and compassionate and caring and sharing, and we aim to help those in need, and with great dedication we aim for the eradication of societies ills, and we aim for the eradication of the nations major problems with greater speed, through more efficient bureaucracy, and with simplicity, and common sense and logic there is no mountain that is unconquerable, and no problem that we cannot solve, if we take our time and never in ourselves fail to believe.

We are the United Kingdom, a nation of all races, a nation of all faiths, a nation of all beliefs, a creative nation with many skills, and a nation that no matter what life throws at us, we battle on and we never give in, and we fight, we fight with all our might and we fight tirelessly to win, and as a nation, together we are better, United in our struggles, and together with great effort we will succeed, we will succeed no matter the struggles and the difficulties that we have to overcome, for we as one, and with compassion and love and kindness in our hearts and in our minds, we will overcome, we will overcome any mountain that stands in our way, yes, we will overcome any mountain on any given day, and through education, there will be with effort and dedication, brighter ways through the struggles of life, and better ways no matter the rocky roads that sometimes come our way, and with good graces we face the worlds problems with smiles on our faces, and no matter the setbacks and the frustrations that may temporarily get us down, we never back down, and though we may sometimes frown, with education there are no problems to which a solution cannot be found, and we together no matter the weather, we stand together as the United Kingdom, tall and proud, proud of our accomplishments and of our great history, proud of our endeavours in the nation and proud of our endeavours around the world, and with caring hearts and caring minds, we fight to improve humankind, and we fight to eradicate the evils from the world with intellect and wit, and with humour and true grit, and we with the bulldog spirit beating in our hearts, we no matter the difficulties that we face, we never quit, we never quit!

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