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The moment



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The moment,
the moment of momentum,
from no speed,
and then into take off and speeds as fast as I can recall,
how incredible it is this feeling,
this feeling as we fly across the sky,
and what a technological marvel it is,
to accomplish such a task of creation to enable us to be able to travel so fast,
and because of great minds and great intellects I revel in the thrill of it,
and I gaze out at the clouds,
and out at the blue of the sky,
and oh, how beautiful the view of it all,
and how wonderful it is,
all of it out of the window from where I sit,
looking down upon the beautiful Earth,
yes, what a glorious thing it is and how the view it fills my eyes spectacularly with such wonderful worth,
and how it delights my senses instantaneously,
the beautiful blues,
and the magnificent colours of all hues,
and how grand the sight of the land,
flat and mountainous and filled with lakes rivers and streams,
a delicate beauty sat below me in its fragility,
a fragile beauty yet as powerful as can be,
and how my heart it leaps in joy at the light shining down so beautifully upon the ocean,
as in great wonder I admire the view,
and as we fly so fast across the sky,
my mind is dazzled and beguiled by the majesty of it all,
and I,
I am truly happy inside,
truly happy far above the Earth,
taking great delight in everything I see as I fly across the sky as fast as can be,
and oh, what a wonder it is,
this incredible magnificence that sprawls before me so beautifully,
and that lights up my heart and my mind and my eyes,
as the wonder of flight it captures my imagination on my way to my destination,
and how lucky I am,
and in awe and wonder how joyously I sigh.

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