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Hey waitress,
please, save me a piece of the pie,
it has been tempting me since earlier when I walked on by,
but I have to go outside and smoke and try not to cry,
because my wife she wants a divorce,
and of course,
she has bled me dry,
and I do not mind of course,
and it is only sarcasm in my voice,
and I have nothing much,
and I’ve been losing weight like horses run out of the barn,
at a rapid rate,
and without a pause,
since she proposed divorce to me,
and we could only agree,
to disagree of course,
but I love her still,
and sadly the reality is that she still wants a divorce,
and I need to put on weight,
so, please save me a piece of the pie,
because I need to fatten up,
and I need to find,
a sugar mummy,
because my wife of course has bled me dry,
and left me with an empty bank account and only wanting to cry,
so, please waitress,
please save me a piece of the pie,
well, unless you wish to see a grown man cry.

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