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Safe – Writing and poetry



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here in the house,
as the wind it whistles outside,
and the leaves blow from the trees,
as I sit by the fireside as quiet as a mouse,
and the house,
here in the middle of a storm,
it is a little forlorn and overwhelmed by the viciousness of the storm outside,
and I,
I am calm of course,
and in my own world,
as natures fury outside it does unfurl,
the branches are snapped from the trees,
and they are outside tossed here and there and so viciously,
as I sit here by the fireside drinking tea,
drinking tea as the flames they dance so beautifully before me,
and I warm myself after a brief trip outside to fetch logs from the shed,
and now, I sit here recovering from the cold wind before the fireside,
happy to not be blown off my feet into the lake nearby,
and happy in my contemplations of nature,
the all powerful nature,
that so fascinates me and captivates me,
and that can kill me and that can keep me alive,
oh, what a wonder the power of it is,
the power of forces so elemental and so complex and ever evolving before my eyes,
that it leaves me thankful that there are no tornadoes or hurricanes here,
and oh, what a sight it must be and so terrifying to see,
but luckily for me,
I am safe inside my house,
sat by the fireside,
and as calm as can be,
and happy in my element,
as in the fireplace, the flames burn away the logs from a tree,
and I relax infront of the fire,
mesmerised and beguiled by the beauty of nature and its elements that surround me so wonderfully,
so wonderfully,
as I sit here before the fire contentedly with my cup of tea.

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