Root cause homelessness

The over inflation of housing prices, and building materials and too much bureaucracy.

You have to partly abandon capitalism as governments to solve homelessness, you have land that the government owns that can be used, you have freely available naturual resources on government owned land that could be used to build houses.

The land will still be owned by the government, and the houses once built could be rent free for several years to allow people to get back on their feet.

The houses could be rented or be rent to buy, low cost as per total cost of the build. As Governments you will profit by people not dying on the streets and by not continually throwing money at temporary fixes, ie putting people in overpriced accommodation where landlords overcharge because they know that the government will pay them.

Labour costs can be minimal with robot bricklayers and just the cost of electricity and plumbing and sewage costs.

It will help eradicate homelessness and improve the economy as there will be more people back in work and bringing taxes in again.

There will be fewer costs to the the healthcare system because of people becoming ill on the streets, and because of violence on the streets.

Food for thought.

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