River walk

river walk 2

Moving slowly without a sound,
crossing the soft earth,
leaving my mark,
as I walk along the river,
that flows so rapidly,
beneath the trees overhanging graceful boughs,
and the river it gloriously bounds across the occasional submerged rocks,
and the large ones it happily flows around,
flows around others who stand proud in the middle,
and the trees they are in bloom,
and the leaves are bright and green,
and are a heavenly sight that does delight and that does astound,
and as I move slowly along,
hoping to see the beauty of the animals who live by the river,
but who are infrequently seen,
now, what a sight it would be,
I think as I cross my fingers and hope for this wish to be granted to me,
by the trees with their overhanging graceful boughs,
as the river runs past and I stand in the sun,
hoping to see the animals who live here,
and if God allows,
I would be happy to see just one.

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