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Poets and writers

There are numerous poets and writers out there who truly inspire me, including Stephen King, who I love for his


and his characterization skills. He truly brings characters to life with such great skill.


is my favourite book by Stephen King, it is an incredible read, and you feel the pain being inflicted upon the writer by Annie Wilkes, played by Kathy Bates so brilliantly. The words upon the page portray the pain and the misery upon the writer Paul Sheldon, who had the unfortunate luck to crash his car, and to be rescued by Annie Wilkes. Annie Wilkes is truly a psychopath and takes umbrage at the ending of one of Paul Sheldons books which contained her favourite character, and which did not end as she hoped.
Stephen Kings evocative characters and descriptions are so vivid, you really can lose yourself quickly in them and be transported to the incredible and horrifying places he describes, and be uplifted by stories such as the Shawshank redemption. I also really like Aldous Huxley for his imaginings and J.R.R Tolkien for the fantasy, and the beautiful and the enormous world filled with orcs, elves and hobbies that he brings so beautifully to life.

My favourite poets are William Wordsworth for his beautiful descriptions of the countryside and nature, John Clare, John Clare was an English poet. The son of a farm labourer, he became known for his celebrations of the English countryside and sorrows at its disruption.

I find inspiration wherever I go, whether it is in the fields, or at the beach, or with friends, there is inspiration everywhere, and inspiration frequently comes to me, no matter the mood that I am in, and no matter the time. And whether day or night, what more joyous things can there be than the conjuring of the imagination of the mind that inspiration does bring.

Please find below a few of my poems:


I lay,
amongst the memories,
amongst the letters,
amongst the photographs,
on the bed,
with clear memories and also hazy memories drifting through my head,
yes, memories,
memories of places been,
and conversations with friends,
and happy days and sad days,
and blue skies and greys,
and the beauties of the world,
and the worlds ugly realities,
passing through my mind,
and also such joy passing through my heart and my head,
and oh, what a wonder it is,
what a wonder,
the visions that I have seen,
and the emotions that I have felt,
and the experiences,
glorious ebullient wonderful times that I slumber in,
that I slumber in as the sunlight through the windows it filters in,
and what relaxation there is in my imagination,
as I revisit them,
and as I think of them,
and the glow of happinness it fills me from within,
my eyelids they slowly begin to close,
as I think of the things that I still want to do,
and the places that I wish to visit,
and as I do, I fall asleep,
and I dream,
I dream of them and of new possibilities,
in the sunlight amongst my old memories,
in the warmth of the day,
as my mind it whirls away,
and I sleep,
I sleep inbetween the old memories and the new,
and to far off destinations I do travel,
to sights that I have never seen,
and I meet people that I have never met,
and it is a wonderful dream,
a goal,
a dream within a dream,
time out of life,
time inbetween,
the future and the past,
as I go forwards and backwards in a dream,
and there is happinness and excitement and anticipation
with the body asleep,
and the mind it is filled with bombastic activity,
yes, oh, the brain, what a wonderful machine,
what a wonderful machine.


Movement in the window up above,
a shadow of two people,
arguing and gesticulating violently,
oh, the slings and the arrows of misfortune,
that plays upon the heartstrings,
when the devil comes to play with love,
oh, what a commotion up above,
what a commotion through the partly open window,
as two lovers argue backwards and forwards across the room,
and I watch from across the street,
as I smoke my cigarette and the snowflakes fall,
and my breath it rises and it cools,
as their tempers flare and they are not cool at all,
and oh, how they dance to each others tune,
and so animatedly and tempestuously,
as I stand in the cold air,
and I take it all in and the nicotine it does no good for me,
and there is shouting,
and ranting and raging,
and the argument it is vicious, but it is a short lived tragedy,
and a rapprochement,
and kisses,
as my cigarette smoke it rises high into the heavenly skies,
and the stars they shine down so bright,
and there is peace once more,
and the neighbours I am sure are relieved,
to hear the ending of the shattering sounds of their argument,
that so rudely shook the night.

Flowers in a vase

Flowers in a vase,
sunlight shining through,
colours bright and beautiful,
and fragrances rising up that delight the senses,
as the view,
it leaves you with a smile on your face,
and your heart,
how it lifts up so gloriously,
as you do,
as you do my love,
who before me sit,
you with your caring heart,
your tenderness and your gentleness,
and your spirit, and your courage and your bravery,
and your intellect and your wit,
a determined lady,
a determined lady never one to quit,
and always one to fight,
oh, how beautifully you sit before me,
with your hair long gone,
and with cancer inside you,
as you hold my hand with such fortitude and strength,
and with a smile upon your face,
and full of goodness and good graces,
and laughter,
and despite the seriousness of cancer,
you do not show fear,
no, you do not show fear one little bit,
and I admire you,
I admire you for your courage,
your bravery and your true grit,
yes, you,
the love of my love,
who smiles so bright despite the battle that you are going through,
yes, my darling,
you are the bravest person that I know,
whose warmth could melt all the winter snows,
and who I know will never quit,
yes, you, my darling who will give all you can give to live, live, live,
and oh, how I love you,
how I love every little bit,
every little bit of you,
my brave fighter,
the love of my life,
smiling so beautifully before me,
yes, my darling,
who despite all adversity will never give up the fight,
and who will fight with all her might both day and night,
yes, how I admire you,
and how I love you,
how I love every little bit,
every little bit of you,
my darling whose eyes shine so bright,
and who will give all that she has to give in the battle against cancer,
and will never quit,
will never quit fighting,
not one little bit.

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