Of my heart – Audio poem

Of my heart I give it all,
I give it all to you,
and in my heart, I too as you do,
I rise and I fall,
I rise and I fall when I sense that your mood is not happy at all,
and not unsurprisingly because of the death of a close friend of yours,
your moods these days are like a rollercoaster,
and it is not unusual,
and despite it all,
I give you my heart,
my heart that is tender and full,
full of love,
and you,
you are passionate but lost in your own world sometimes,
and loving you in the sorrows of death is not the easiest thing to do,
but I will always be there no matter what because I do love you,
and I have always loved you,
for you have a good heart but you are a wayward soul,
and sometimes you look so lost and love seems so far from your mind,
but I bear with it all,
I bear with it all,
the good days and the bad,
and the moods,
and your solemn moments,
and your frequent wanting of soliloquy,
and it does not bother me,
because it is a naturual process,
and I hope that soon,
soon you will find your way home,
your way back home to the real you,
back from the death of your close friend,
which of course is hard to forget,
and often,
often you are lost in your own mind and seem so sad,
and though I understand it all,
I wish that you would talk more,
talk more than you acrually do because it is no good for you,
and although I know, it is not easy,
and although death,
death it is a shock to us all,
no matter what,
no matter what I will be there for you,
I will be there for you through all your grieving,
I will be there for you because I love you,
and because my love for you is strong and powerful,
and when you are in my arms,
I will try to help you to forget death and the sorrow,
yes, I will try to help you forget it all because I hate to see your tears,
and I hate to see you cry,
and I hate to see your tears fall,
and I want to lift you up into the light once more,
and I want to help you rise up above it all,
and I know it may take time with death on your mind,
but I do not mind,
because I want you to be well,
and sorrow does take so long to go,
and sometimes sorrow,
sorrow, it never truly goes I know,
but I will be here for you in the sun,
in the rain and in the snows,
yes, I will be here for you no matter what,
and I will be here for you,
and I will care for you through it all,
and no matter what and as sure as the snows will melt,
your sorrow will surely mostly go,
and soon my love,
soon, I hope that you will smile more again,
and soon I hope that you will be happy again,
but until then,
let me hold you and wrap you in my warm embrace,
and let me kiss you,
let me kiss you again,
and let me wipe those tears from your pretty face,
and remember this,
remember with every cuddle and remember with every kiss,
sadness will be forgot,
yes, sadness will be forgot,
and in time and with patience,
sadness will undoubtedly stop,
and life,
yes life, it will resume having fled such clouds of gloom,
clouds of gloom that shroud you now,
for death has got the best of you,
but not for long will death conquer you,
because death conquering you permanently I will not allow,
no, I will not allow death to shroud your heart and mind forevermore,
and soon,
soon we will walk together in the sun again,
and you will have a smile upon your face again,
yes, a smile as we walk along your favourite beach and along its shore,
after death has been cast far away across the sea,
and your sorrow,
your sorrow it is no more.

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