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Never to be repeated



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Never to be repeated,
yes, you were in my heart once,
but now you are deleted,
and although you did once capture my heart,
I have sealed your memory behind a wall,
and I am much better off now,
and I rarely think of you at all,
and now, all I think of you is that you,
you were a fool,
a cruel fool and replaceable,
because surely there must be someone much kinder than you,
yes, it is true,
so, good riddance to you,
and how glad I am to no longer have you in my view,
and although you enchanted me once and enticed me and captured me with your beauty,
your heart and your soul,
your wicked mind was no good to me,
no good to me at all,
So, I am glad to have left you far behind,
and glad that I have finally managed to pick up the pieces of my broken heart,
and at last I have fixed it and I am tougher now, tougher now than I used to be,
but I wish I never had to learn in your vicious school,
but the lessons you taught me have made me a better judge of character after all,
and these days,
these days I suffer no fools,
and wherever you are now,
I hope that you have learnt something about how to treat people,
because you were jealous far too often,
and played mind games of which you should be ashamed,
and these days I am glad to say,
I have smile on my face although I am alone,
and you are behind a wall,
and I block you out and I rarely think of you at all,
and it is much better for me,
because when I do think of you,
all I think of you,
is that you were so cruel,
A cruel fool,
a cruel fool with a black evil heart that to me,
to me was no good at all.

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