Never let your heart

Never let your heart be over ruled by the mind,
and never be bitter,
and never be unkind,
and never whatever the weather,
bring such moods of the heart and the mind to others,
moods who others will despise,
and do not regret what you cannot change,
and do not sigh,
but live in the light,
and shine bright,
and instead cast negativity aside,
and tell the truth,
and then, with a smile on your face,
walk tall and be proud,
be proud of the happinness inside,
for tis better than the blanket of black that comes with the night,
and the darkness of an unhappy heart and an unhappy mind,
because seeing through such a darkened lense will destroy so many chances of happinness,
in a very short time,
and life is far too short to destroy yourself by bathing in the darkness,
and living in misery with a disheartened heart and a disheartened mind,
and life is far too short to continually spew out words of bitterness and unhappinness,
at anyone who crosses your path,
because they will only suffer and you,
you will walk in the shadows not able to see where you are going,
and carry a world of pain and misunderstanding and bitterness and ignorance,
and every step of the way upon darkened paths, you will die a little inside.

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