Murky skies

murky skies 2

Murky skies,
raindrops before my eyes,
yawns and sighs,
a dismal grey,
apathy settling in my mind,
the normal kind,
on this kind of day,
in the wintertime,
not what I want to see but something that I cannot erase,
as God he plays with the most miserable colour and paints it across the sky,
but only God knows why,
only God knows why,
and I have to look at it with a sigh,
with a sigh,
as that is all my body naturally will allow,
and my eyes it makes them want to cry,
but I decline them,
because there are already enough tears,
enough tears falling from the sky,
maybe God is upset by the paint that was delivered,
maybe it was not his favourite kind.

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