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One day I wish to be living a dream,
living in a world where there is no insanity,
and no brutality and no violence,
but sadly in humanity it seems the only certainty, is humanities machievellian destructive schemes,
and I know where I would rather be,
away from such destructiveness,
upon pure beaches,
in the middle of an ocean,
far away from misery,
far away from such destructive societies,
and in a place so clean,
and fresh and unspoiled,
oh, what a dream,
yes, one day I hope,
I hope that I will be,
with no stresses at all ravaging me,
upon a desert island in an ocean,
where there are views so beautiful and tranquil,
and long life is more likely and happinness,
is the reality,
and health is greatly improved,
by relaxation,
beauty and good food,
and how much better I will feel,
far away from societies destructive realities,
a much better reality than living with all the stress,
and the anxiety,
because it shatters you into a million pieces,
and you spend your life constantly looking for the glue,
the glue to glue yourself back together again,
and it is not the life that I wish to constantly lead,
oh, to be alone on an Island in an Ocean so blue,
living the dream,
and being happy,
far away from humanities destructive machivellian schemes.

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