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It is nearly here



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It is nearly here your time to disappear,
it is nearly here the time to leave you with a smile,
a smile in the night under the stars where we met and where I saw heaven in your face,
I saw heaven in your face,
and oh, how my heart it leapt when I met you for the first time,
and yes,
my stomach was full of butterflies,
but your smile put my anxiety back in it’s place,
and oh, how the moon glowed and shone down upon you lighting you up magnificently and so,
so spectacularly,
and oh, how you took my breath away the first time I met you on a summers eve,
ah, a memory,
a beautiful memory,
a memory never to be taken away,
and what a happy evening and what a happy day,
and oh, how we talked,
and how you beguiled me in every way,
yes, you beguiled me,
and your eyes were so magnificent shining with joy,
and how radiant you looked on our joyous meeting,
our joyous meeting by chance in the evening in the summertime,
but now the time is here to disappear,
and oh how quick you stole my heart with your beauty and with your intellect and cheer,
and soon,
soon I will see you again,
and maybe little by little love will grow,
but who is to know,
who is to know for sure but I hope love grows,
yes, I hope so because tonight is a beautiful memory that I hope will never leave,
for you came into my life by chance,
and already,
already I wish for you to stay for eternity and I will wish upon the meteors under the stars as I leave,
I will wish for us to be,
in each others company,
as much as can be,
for you came to me by chance,
and I now already and with so little time spent together I hate to have to leave,
I hate to have to leave.

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