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In the afterglow – Writing and poetry



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In the afterglow

after you left,
how calmness,
it crept into me,
after you held me so,
so tenderly and gently,
and you had showered me with kisses so beautifully,
and oh, how tranquil was my soul,
with you a new love,
a new love in my life,
a glorious new beginning,
with happinness filling me,
at the cafe by the mediterranean sea,
oh, how gloriously your love it filled me so,
as the waves crashed upon the shore,
and I pondered the new,
the brave new world of you,
oh, what great power love has,
and what great rejuvenation it brings,
and what a rebirth of the soul it is,
and what a great place and a space filled with glorious truth,
the truth of love it is,
as the mind and the body it rises from the ashes of the old,
and how glad I am to finally find you,
because life has been filled with its tragedies and its miseries,
and after far too many heartbreaks,
my heart had grown so icy cold,
yes, icy cold,
and left me jaded and bitter too,
and after far too many loves that had left such terrible destruction in my soul,
here I am,
in the bright, bright light thinking of angelic you,
glorious you,
beautiful you,
and thinking of you and those kisses that still linger upon my lips,
as I wait for you,
I wait for you to return to me,
whilst I drink my coffee at the cafe by the mediterranean sea,
under the skies of wonderful blue,
thinking of wonderful you,
wonderful you and our love all
and exciting and new.

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