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I miss you – Writing and poetry



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I miss you

and without you I am not whole,
yes, I miss you, although,
where you are now I do not know,
the memory of you is as beautiful as the flowers in the meadow,
and I miss you everyday,
I miss you through the seasons,
through the rain, the sun, and the snow,
Yes, I miss you,
I miss your voice,
I miss your laughter,
I miss your warm heart,
and never are you far from my thoughts wherever I go,
and whatever my mood,
and in my solitude,
without you the day is as half as bright as it used to be with you in my life,
and now it is as if life is empty and dying as if leaves falling off of the trees,
as you in time go further away from me,
and I am lost and not me,
yes, I am not me without you,
and in my soliloquy,
and on my own,
oh, how cold the wind that through my lonely heart does blow,
yes, how cold,
and I wish this heartache that seems to continually grow without you,
without you here,
without you the person that I used to truly love,
the person that I used to love so greatly,
that is gone now,
gone forevermore,
but to where I do not know,
to where I do not know,
and whatever path I take these days,
you are always on my mind,
and in my heart,
and my heart it still longs for you,
and it calls for you,
my true love,
lost to the history of time,
and silly arguments,
but you,
you are always on my mind,
filling me with happinness and sadness,
and happy tears and tears of joy they fall from my eyes as often rain falls from the skies,
and I realise,
maybe you were the perfect one for me,
but sadly now you are gone,
and but only a memory,
only a memory.
And oh, without you,
what sadness and emptiness there is in me,
what sadness and emptiness wherever I walk upon the Earth,
because without you,
I am not truly me,
I am not truly me.

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