I fell for it

i fell for it 2

I fell for it,
I fell for someone new,
I fell for you,
I fell for the look of love,
that you cast upon me,
you with those eyes that shine so blue,
a second,
a split second was all it took,
and in my gaze,
you were captured,
yes you, with your fleeting ways,
but I stopped you and said hello,
and my heart,
my heart it already did not want to let you go,
and how you smiled at me so gloriously,
and how warm and intriguing you seemed to me and how beautiful you looked in your black dress with your earrings in,
and with your hair a bit of mess after coming in from the rain,
and how enticing you were to me,
you with your eyes all aglow,
as I walked towards you from across the other side of the room,
a stranger who you did not know,
but how you welcomed me though,
and how my heart it melted,
how my heart it melted when you looked at me and simply said hello.

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