I feel

I feel,
I feel that I want to jump for joy,
amidst nature,
amidst the beauteous nature that the universe has deployed,
and how grand it is,
and how spectacular,
in its colours and varieties that do set my mind at ease,
as I walk amongst the tall grasses in the fields,
and as the butterflies float across the fields with such gentle ease,
oh, how my heart leaps under the fluffy clouds,
and under the bluest of skies,
and oh, what a wonder it is to be out in the fresh air without a care,
and no anxieties,
and no worries,
just soliloquoy,
and beauty,
and tranquility amidst the grasses and the hedgerows and the flowers,
the flowers,
so glorious in their colours,
that brighten the eyes all around,
in the up and the down of the hilly fields where I do stride.


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