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I cannot sleep



Rodin TheThinker 1
63 / 100

I cannot sleep,
and the stars how ebulliently they shine at me through the window,
but I do not feel so bright,
and I feel a tired weariness and a misery,
a misery that should not be,
but I am seperated from you,
temporarily or that is what you said,
and you said you wanted some time apart,
and it does not sit well with me,
and you, when you left me,
you would not tell me exactly what is wrong,
and it to me really is a mystery,
and I cannot sleep,
and I want to weep in this discombobularity,
this discombobularity that ravages my mind and my heart currently,
currently in this bed where I cannot sleep,
this bed where you used to be,
yes, not long ago you were here,
but now, there is only misery,
only misery,
and I am half the person that I used to be,
yes, half the person that I used to be,
and in me there is such sadness,
such sadness and emptiness,
and where you are I do not know right now,
and here I lay awake for hours hoping that you will return to me,
return to me,
and until you do I cannot sleep properly,
I cannot sleep except in fits and starts,
and here I lay in my bed,
under the roof and under the stars with my discombobularity of thought and my misery,
and my tiredness and my loneliness,
and here, far apart from you with my broken and uncertain heart,
life is as empty as can be,
oh, woe is me,
oh, woe is me,
and how can I,
how can I without you here with me?

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